Features 3-8-13

Booster Club fundraisers provide sports support

By Tess White
News Editor

Sue Gressel is president of the Booster Club for Loyalton High School

Sue Gressel is president of the Booster Club for Loyalton High School

Loyalton High’s Booster Club raises money all year long to benefit LHS athletes and to keep sports programs going.

The Booster Club is a volunteer-based program made of parents, Athletic Director Katie Campbell and Principal Marla Stock.

The Booster Club pays for transportation (busses, when needed) for team players and coaches. It also helps pay for uniforms as well as tournament fees. The club works with Block L to pay for referees.

Many of the members volunteer many hours to garner funds for the sports program, but sports teams’ coaches and athletes are required to help out on those fundraisers — such as with setting up, serving and cleaning up for dinners. Teams are also required to organize their own annual fundraiser. For example, the cheer squad organized a carwash last summer, and the boys’ basketball teams have been sponsoring the Firecracker Fun Run near the Fourth of July.

Booster Club members raise money by running the snack shack, having cake raffles and running the gate. Their biggest fundraiser is the Crab Feed, which includes a very profitable auction following the dinner. It is for this auction that each LHS class prepares beautiful gift baskets, which can raise $1,000 or more for the sports programs.

The Crab Feed is Mar. 23 – with dinner starting at 4 p.m. and the auction finishing around 9 p.m. Typically, the event raises about $10,000 yearly.

Booster Club President Sue Gressel said that it is “fulfilling to watch the kids playing sports and knowing that we are offering that opportunity for everyone in the school. When teams succeed and have a good season, it is very rewarding.

“Athletics are also important, because they allow students to have extracurricular events and encourage kids to keep in shape, which hopefully will become a lifetime habit. Athletics at the high school also provide community events, and many people enjoy watching the kids compete.”

The Booster Club also offers scholarships to several high school seniors who have parents who have been paid members of Booster club since Dec. 31 and have filled out


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