Features 3-22-13

Job FairGet your resume ready: Job fair set for Graeagle

By Preston Reugebrink

The 17th Annual Job Fair will be held for job seekers of all ages. There will be employment opportunities with free admission to the fair. Students should dress their best and bring their resume to be interviewed for local positions. There is also one on March 28 at Feather River College Gym.

For a teenager, looking for a full-time job or a part-time job can be a very challenging task. Finding jobs is hard to begin with, but when you haven’t had any experience in a workplace or haven’t gone through an interview, it can almost seem impossible.

The first step is to put together a simple resume. Having a resume to give to a prospective employer shows you’ve put some effort into the job. It also allows you to showcase those things about you that you will want the employer to remember. A printed resume sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.  You can give the employer an idea of who you are and what your strengths are.

Appearance always matters when applying for your first job. Make sure when you head out the door that you are well groomed and well dressed. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in a suit, but a shirt, tie and slacks are appropriate for boys and conservative business attire for girls.

Get a list of places to apply to by using sites that focus on part-time jobs for teens in your area, but there are many other ways to find employers. You can pick up a local newspaper or walk through town to look for Help Wanted signs. Put on your list of places anywhere that you think would be fun to work. You can walk in and just ask for a job; it shows the manager that you are ambitious if you ask for a job even when one isn’t advertised but make sure you are dressed appropriately with your resume.

Before you go and apply anywhere, be prepared for rejection. Nobody gets accepted to every single place to which he or she applies for a job. As a first time job seeker, you need to mentally prepare for someone to say no. If you get a negative response say, “Well, if you need someone in the future, please give me a call.” And don’t feel bad. This shows the manager that you are serious about getting a job, and you have demonstrated the ability to follow up.

During the interview stand up straight and be mature. Go to each employer on your list and ask for the job. Keep your head up, have a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and be confident. If you are shy and unable to show the employer that you are serious about getting a job, you most likely won’t get it.

Following up is one of the most important parts of getting a job. Employers look for candidates who show the ability to follow up with customers because it shows a willingness to get involved and be responsible.


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