Sports 6/8/11

Track members make it to Division

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Editor

 The track team is having great success this year, with many now headed to division competition today in Cottonwood at West Valley High School.

The Dave Allen Twilight Invitational was on May 6, when the varsity girls took third and JV boys got eighth. The JV girls tied for seventh. JV and varsity girls took eighth in the combined women’s open.

Medals went to the following:

Cash Grandi, fifth place in high jump and fourth in long jump

Joe Peterman, fifth in triple jump

Cheyenne VonTour, Preston Reugebrink,  Peterman and  Grandi, third in 4x100m relay

Hannah Redding, sixth in 200m

Danica Gressel, third in 800m, fifth in 1600m and fourth in triple jump

Haylee Eberhardt, third in 3200m

Zoe Studer, fourth in 3200m

Meghan Gressel, second in 300m hurdles, third in 100m hurdles, fourth in triple jump and fifth in long jump.

Jessica Richards, sixth in high jump

Jessica DeBerg, sixth in triple jump

Other standouts were as follows:

Reugebrink, eighth in 400m

Dakotah Brandow, eighth in 3200m

Peterman, seventh in high jump

Grandi, seventh in triple jump

Richards, 10th in 200m

Rachel Huebert, ninth in 3200m

Brittany Morrison, eighth in shot put

Redding, seventh in long jump

The track team went to Tulelake, May 12 for the Evergreen/Feather River League Championships. Varsity men took tenth, varsity women tied for sixth, JV men took second and JV women, first.

Medals went to the following:

Matt Campbell, sixth in 200m, third in 110m hurdles

Reugebrink, third in 400m, fourth in 800m, sixth in 200m

Dakotah Brandow, fourth in 3200m, sixth in 1600m

Jorge Garcia, sixth in 3200m

Jess Lane, fourth in 110m hurdles

Tommy Ketchum, fourth in shot put, fourth in long jump

Cheyenne VonTour, fifth in shot put, fifth in discus

Grandi, first in long jump, second in high jump and second in triple jump

Peterman, first in triple jump, third in long jump and fifth in high jump

Zach Parker, fifth in long jump

VonTour, Reugebrink, Peterman and Grandi, first in 4x100m relay

Ketchum, Joseph McGuire, Jess Lane, David Guidotti, third in 4x100m relay

Redding, fifth in 200m

Eberhardt, first in 3200m, second in 200m and third in 1600m

Morrison, first in shot put, third in discus and fourth in 200m

Danica Gressel, first in 800m, first in 1600m and second in triple jump

Studer, second in 3200m, fourth in long jump

Meghan Gressel, second100m hurdles, second in long jump, third in 300m hurdles, third in triple jump

Millena Garcia, fifth in discus, fifth in shot put

Richards, sixth in high jump and sixth in long jump

DeBerg, Jillian Lane, Richards, Redding, fourth in 4x100m relay

Eberhardt, Studer, Morrison, Danica Gressel, first in 4x100m relay

Other standouts were as follows:

Campbell, eighth in 100m

Jess Lane, eighth in 100m, seventh in shot put

McGuire, seventh in 800m, eighth in 1600m

Jorge Garcia, seventh in 1600m

Guidotti, 10th in discus

Parker, seventh in triple Jump

DeBerg, ninth in 100m, ninth in triple jump

Richards, seventh in 200m

Jillian Lane, eighth in discus, 10th in 1600m

In division varsity girls ranked second, JV girlsand boys ranked first, varsity boys ranked fourth.

Those competing today at the division level are as follows:

DeBerg, 100m, triple jump

Richards, 200m, high jump, long jump

Jillian Lane, 1600m, shot put, discus

Carly Smith, shot put

Meghan Gressel, 100m hurdles, 300m hurdles, long jump, and high jump

Eberhardt, 200m, 1600m, and 3200m

Morrison, 200m, shot put, discus

Danica Gressel, 800m, 1600m, triple jump.

Studer, 3200m, long jump

Millena Garcia, shot put and discus

DeBerg, Richards, Jillian Lane and Redding, 4x100m relay

Eberhardt, Morrison, Studer and Danica Gressel, 4x100m relay

Campbell, 100m, 200m, 110m hurdles

Parker, 1600m, long jump, triple jump

Jess Lane, 100m, 110 hurdles, shot put

Reugebrink, 200m, 400m, and 800m

Ketchum, 200m, long jump, shot put

Grandi, high jump, long jump, triple jump

Peterman, long jump, triple jump

VonTour, shot put, discus

Guidotti, discus

VonTour, Peterman, Reugebrink, Grandi,

4x100m relay

Ketchum, Jess Lane, McGuire, Guidotti, 4x100m relay

Softball season comes to an end

By Connor Thompson
Sports Editor

Grizzlies ended their season last week against the Westwood Lumberjacks. The Grizzlies’ season didn’t go as planned, as they only won one game but they tied for second in the Feather River League.

The Lady Grizz lost both games of their double-header against the Big Valley Cardinals on May 3 in Big Valley, 17-0 and 10-0.

The first game the Grizzlies’ defense had no answer for the Cardinals, as they allowed Big Valley to score tens runs in the first two innings. The Grizz tried to gain the momentum back from their opponent; however, the Cardinals’ pitching proved to be difficult for the Grizz to mount a come back.

The second game of the double header was called after the fifth inning due to the ten-run rule, beating the Grizzlies 10-0.  The Cardinals maintained their dominance both on offense and defense, as their success led to ten runs in four innings.

The Lady Grizz lost both their games of their double against the Tulelake Honkers at home on May 5, 16-2 and 10-4.

The first game of the double header ended after four innings due to the ten-run rule. The first inning was the proving point, as the Honkers jumped out to an early 5-2 lead the grizzlies couldn’t overcome. The next two innings the Honkers scored 11 more runs and held the Grizz to 0.

Momentum shifted in the Grizzlies’ favor in the second game, and they came out with great offense, scoring three runs in two innings and holding the Honkers to two runs. However, the Honkers fought back to tie the game in the fourth inning, and managed to take a two run led in the sixth. The Honkers scored four more runs in the last inning to seal up the victory.

The Grizz lost both games of their double header against the Westwood Lumberjacks, 13-0 and 15-0, at home on May 10.

Westwood started the first game with great defense, and the Grizzlies had no answer to the Lumberjacks’ dominance. The Grizz managed to hold the Lumberjacks scoreless in the second inning, but the third and fourth inning Westwood took the momentum into their favor, scoring 10 more runs and helping them to victory.

The second game the Lumberjacks kept their momentum rolling, as they scored every inning and wouldn’t give the Grizz any chance to catch up. The first three innings proved to be the deciding factors in the game, as the Grizzlies let the Lumberjacks take an early 11-run lead and maintain their dominance in the next two innings.


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