Features 6/8/11

Clubs prepare for events

The senior class completed several community service projects around the school last week, such as painting the white lines in the parking lot and planting a few trees around the baseball diamond.

Several clubs at LHS are still planning major activities for their organizations, with several other events just accomplished.

Originally, the Culture Club plans were to go on a two-day trip in San Francisco. There they would have attended Broadway shows, as well as done a scavenger hunt around the city in order to get students familiar with living in the city.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time and budget issues, the club was forced to postpone the trip and attend an event in Sacramento on May 14. The Culture Club members saw Cirque du Soleil, which means “circus of the sun, a French-Canadian acrobatic show that travels the world.

Every show has a different theme. The theme of this particular show was about living alone in the city, involving singing, dancing, clowns, and acrobatics. It was a two-hour show. Twelve students attending also had dinner in Old Sacramento.

Culture Club hopes to visit the Nevada Museum of Art and to watch the upcoming film Amelia. Megan Meschery expressed her concern over the involvement of parent help. She hopes that future members will bring more parent support to make more trips possible. If kids present the advisor with certain films and theater productions, Meschery said she would be more than willing to attend as long as the club can round up enough chaperones and drivers.

The club will also be selling t-shirts at the Magpie Poetry and Musical Festival on Aug. 6 in Sierraville

Drama Club has no upcoming events. This year members attended “Into the Woods” in November and “Over the River” in January, both in Reno.  Advice for future members from advisor Laura Calabrese would be to plan ahead and familiarize themselves with what is available in local areas.  Calabrese said, “The decision of returning as Drama Club advisor would depend on how many interested students would be willing to participate.”

Currently S Club is working on the biggest fundraiser of the year–the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Annually the ACS puts on a 24-hour walk-a-thon, which will be held this year on June 25 to 26 at the Feather River College track. This year the S Club ladies have combined eight members for one team. The team needs to reach a total of $900 dollars, $100 per member and another $100 for the team entry fee.

The California Scholarship Federation has two tasks at hand for the end of the year. Advisor Janet McHenry is busy making final preparations for the awards for life members, who will be recognized by the state for their achievements in the classroom. As of now there are five life members: Rachel Huebert, Martin Lizarde, Jessica Mitchell, Jessica Renteria and Connor Thompson. Life members receive a gold stole to wear over their graduation gown, a gold tassel to be worn on the graduation cap and a golden seal on each member’s diploma.

CSF’s after-school tutoring program will remain in swing until the end of the year, every Wednesday after school from 3 to 4 p.m.

FFA recently sponsored a meeting with the California Agriculture Teachers’ Association (CATA). Members fixed barbecue chicken, antipasto and garlic bread. FFA has also had a regional meeting.

Additionally, the FFA held Farm Day for elementary and pre-school children. Soon they are going to have a spring banquet, where they will pick new officers. Students who want to be officers first had to fill out an application and give a two minuets speech today.

Another Farm Day will be held for kids from Kings Beach in the near future.


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