Parking, bus service changes

By Madison Hood

Roar Reporter

Two major improvements happened at the school during the summer. The school parking lot was repaved, and a small section for the buses was graded and graveled in preparation for the new busing program.

The companies that paved the parking lots were McCuen Construction and Advanced Asphalt. The parking lot took at least five weeks to complete. When the pavement was repaved, it was also repainted with new parking lines and crosswalks. One of the people who worked on the parking lot all summer was Roger Boren.

The buses are now parked next to the library in front of the agriculture garden.

Sierra Plumas Joint Unified school district did not renew a contract with White’s Transportation for bus service last spring and took over management of the school bus service, leasing buses from Plumas Unified School District.

The drivers spent several weeks with a trainer and the Highway Patrol to learn how to properly drive the bus–a lengthy and complicated process for the bus drivers to complete.

The bus drivers are now school employees–maintenance men Toribio Ramirez, Richard Jaquez and Mike Hale. There is one substitute from Plumas Unified who is helping out.

The buses each take one route to three different places–Chilcoot, Sierra Brooks and Calpine/Sierraville. The LHS office has been informed that the district office will be more strict about checking bus passes for riders.

Some bus riders have said that they like the new buses –that they have more space and are much more comfortable.

Those interviewed said they like the new smooth asphalt and bus parking lot because it provides a smoother ride when the buses pull into the school, because the new asphalt is easier to drive on.

Some of the buses have run a little bit behind on finding the right route, as drivers are still learning their routes.


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