Light on college aid

By Cheyenne Little 


  Loyalton High School’s academic advisor Janet McHenry will be hosting a Financial Aid Night in room 100 at 6:30 on Dec. 2. All Loyalton and Downieville students and their parents may attend.

Financial Aid Night explains to students the various types of scholarships, grants, work-study and student/parent loans that are available to students. It also teaches students how they can access these forms of financial aid including “free money.”

The presentation will be about an hour long, but is packed with vital information that will help students understand what is available to them.

McHenry stated that all seniors should attend Financial Aid Night with their parents. Even if students believe they have their future planned out and are not in need of financial aid, McHenry said, “They never know when plans will change. It is better to know what options you have.”

In the past many students have taken advantage of this resource. McHenry will introduce the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on this night, and then at Cash for College Night many seniors receive help finishing the FAFSA.  McHenry said, “Many seniors finished the FASFA that night.”

Cash for College Night is set for February 5.

Financial Aid Night helps students understand that college can be affordable if they know where to look for financial help.

For most in state public four-year colleges the sticker price (not including room and board, plus other necessities including food, clothes, etc.) is around $8,660. However, most students only pay $2,910 of that because of the scholarships, grants and other “free-money” that is available to them. Students usually pay for the rest that is not covered using a loan which a student pays back after completing college.

For more information about scholarships students can visit and, which is where McHenry puts scholarship information.


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