Club P.R.I.D.E.

By Valerie Dixon

Roar Reporter

Andrew Kielak and Sam Hall are starting a new club for middle school students called P.R.I.D.E., which stands for Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence.

Kielak said the club is to help middle school students develop leadership skills like public speaking, self confidence and anti-bullying strategies.

Kielak and Hall are expecting the club to launch by the end of the quarter. They expect to have club meetings weekly or bi-weekly during the middle school lunch period.

This club will be providing activities like planning and helping with community events, scrapbooking, dancing, sports, and academic advising. Kielak is also hoping for a big trip to Reno for a fun activity.

Kielak said he and Hall noticed that a few of the middle school students felt excluded because in the elementary school they felt they were at “the top of the food chain,” whereas moving into high school, they were ‘’thrown’’ to the bottom.

Kielak and Hall are currently seeking an advisor for the club and are expecting to find one soon.

As for the reason behind starting the club, Kielak said, ‘’Sam Hall and I noticed the problems they were having and wanted to help them with these problems.’’

The club is also part of Kielak’s senior project.


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