Basketball starts for grizzlies

By Chase Grandi and

Kennedy Hood

Sports Reporters 

Basketball season has finally begun.

The junior varsity and varsity girls started basketball practice on Nov. 5.

JV coach Stacey Hood said that the “girls are doing well for the first part of the season” and”they are super excited for the season this year.” Hood added, “The girls have been hustling in practice.”

She commented that the varsity girls will do well in their scrimmages but “they will be facing harder teams than last year so that will push them to play harder.”

She also said that all the girls are going to be very strong and will have a good season. “The JV and varsity girls will be ready for the upcoming season.”

As a coach Hood says that she will be mentally prepared with the varsity girls because those girls have been playing basketball with each other for eight years and have a good chance to make it all the way to the championship. However, she said the JV girls will find it harder to prepare because they have a lot fewer games than the varsity girls.

Other upcoming games for the varsity girls will be the Greenville Tournament for Nov. 4-6 and the Whittel Tournament on Nov. 11-13.

The junior varsity girls will also be playing in the Greenville and Whittel tournaments.

For the Whittel scrimmage on Nov. 22, the girls will be playing five games with a 20-minute running clock.

This year the JV boys coach is Buddy Woodward, who was assistant coach last year for the varsity boys and has decided to coach this year junior varsity. Coach Woodward coached seventh and eighth graders in the Indian Coed League, traveling to different towns on Saturdays.

Coach Woodward said that he is feeling optimistic about the upcoming year and that the boys will be well disciplined and very competitive. Woodward also said that his goals for the season are to challenge the kids with motivation and teach them how to compete and to have pride in themselves.

This year varsity basketball coach is Einen Grandi. Coach Grandi has been the varsity boys coach at Loyalton High for many years and has decided to coach the boys again.

Coach Grandi said that his team will be competitive in their league and that they will compete with high intensity. Coach Grandi’s goals for the season are to become a better team and to improve over the year.

His biggest concern for this year is that the boys will not have a reasonable number of players for the upcoming season. Coach Grandi said that the strongest aspect of the team is that the boys have experience with the offense that they will be running.


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