Awards, Activities for FFA

By Jimmy Morrison and

Gus Driscoll

Roar Reporters

  Future Farmers of America members took many awards Wednesday at Intermountain Section competition at Big Valley High School in Bieber, as follows:

– Best Informed Greenhand Test Overall, 2nd

– Best Informed Greenhand Test Individual: tie for 4th, Sarah Fee and Caleb Bradley

– Advanced Team Opening/Closing: 3rd

– Officer Team Opening/Closing: 4th

Notice Team Opening/Closing: 5th

The banquet will be held Tuesday at  the elementary school. Students and faculty are invited and asked to bring salads, rolls or deserts.

The purpose of the banquet is to award the Greenhand  and Chapter degrees.

The requirements for the Greenhand Degree follow:

1. Be regularly enrolled in a vocational education course for an agricultural occupation and have plans for a program of supervised ag experience.

2. Learn and explain the FFA Creed, Motto, Salute and the FFA Mission Statement.

3. Describe the FFA emblem, colors and symbols.

4. Explain the proper use of the FFA jacket.

5. Have knowledge of the history of the organization.

6. Know the duties and responsibilities of FFA members.

7. Personally own or have access to the Official FFA Manual.

8. Submit written application for the degree.

The requirements for the Chapter Degree are the following:

1. Must have held the degree of Greenhand for at least one complete semester and have a record of participation in the  chapter.  A member cannot receive both Greenhand and Chapter degrees during the same academic year.

2. Must have satisfactorily completed at least one year of systematic instruction in agriculture education, at or above the ninth grade level, have in operation an approved supervised experience program and plans for a supervised farming and/or other supervised agricultural experience program, and be regularly enrolled in an ag class.

3. Be familiar with the state and national organizations.

4. Be familiar with the constitution of the local chapter.

5. Be familiar with parliamentary procedure.

6. Lead a group discussion for fifteen minutes.

7. Must have earned at least $150 by his/her own efforts from his/her supervised farming and/or other supervised agricultural experience program and have it productively invested or deposited in a bank or have worked 100 hours on his/her SOEP in excess of scheduled class time.

8. Have a 2.0 GPA in an agricultural course.

9. Participate in activities for community improvement in at least two different activities at least 10 hours personal time.

In other news relating to FFA, the LHS organization held an Apple Day Nov. 13 at the Ag Department for kindergarteners and first graders to teach the kids about all of the uses of apples and how foods and drinks are made out of apples.

The first station was the making of apple cider. The ag students used an apple press borrowed from Laurel Colberg to squeeze out all of the juices into a pot that held the delicious juices, the second station had an apple peeler that while peeling the apple, also cut the core out and cut the apple into a long spiral from there the children were taken to the caramel station to put caramel on their apples.

The caramel was made from sugar, butter, salt and cream.


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