Grizzlies win one

By Kennedy Hood  

The Grizzlies went 1-1 in the past two games.

The Grizzlies suffered from another defeat to Redding Christian, 38-12, Sept. 13 at home.The boys managed to score the first touchdown of the game but quickly lost the lead and went into halftime with a score of 26-12.

Luke Campbell, Parker Wilson, and Tyler Lake each obtained one touchdown for the Grizzlies. Wilson also gained the most yards for the team with 117 yards total. Sam Beard got the most tackles of the game with 10 overall and Wilson not far behind with 9 tackles overall.

When asked about the game, players remained optimistic. Gavin Whitley and AustinSchwary said they felt that the team played very well in the game, while Wilson said he felt that it was the best game they had played so far. Those interviewed said the defense could be better and that the focus and intensity needed to go up.

The boys won their first game against Westwood, 79-40, in an away game in Westwood. The Grizzlies managed to take the lead quickly and maintained that lead throughout the entire game. Campbell, Lake and Schwary scored 2 touchdowns each for the team. Lake obtained the most yards of the game, 182 yards. The top tackler of the game was Damon Berry with 10 tackles overall with Ryan Tidwell and Beard obtaining 8 tackles each.

The boys will play again against Elk Creek on Saturday at 1 pm.



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