City water regulations challenging

By Cheyenne Little

Due to the drought in California many water restrictions have been put in place as of July 15. These new laws have affected the students of LHS as well as the school’s agriculture program. The City of Loyalton has restricted outside watering to only before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. – and not at all on Mondays.

The school’s sprinkler systems are on timers, which help make it an easier task.

Mrs. Stock said, “I have not noticed changes.”

Students, however, have responded that the water restrictions have affected them outside of school.

Jimmy Morrison said, “I’m not allowed to wash my dirt bike because of the restrictions.”

Car wash fundraisers would not be possible.

Temporary measures also include the following. Sidewalks or driveways cannot be washed off. Hoses must have a shutoff nozzle to wash cars. If neighbors believe someone is not following the law, they can report the offense, and the transgressor may have to pay a $500 fine.

The school’s agriculture class can only water during the time frame. In fact, the school received a complaint that it was watering “weeds.” The field being watered, however, is planted in alfalfa and needs to get established before the temperature drops to freezing.

Andrew Kielak, FFA president, said that no problems have occurred yet, but the large field in the back of the school needs to be kept watered or it may start to see harmful affects from the lack of water.

No restrictions on water animals have been made yet.

Other areas have asked people to shorten the lengths of their showers and if possible give up watering their lawns. The lawn in front of the Capitol Building in Sacramento is currently sporting a brown lawn.

With winter coming Californians are hopeful for snow to help reverse the drought.


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