Freshmen inspired at retreat

By Jimmy Morrison

 Roar Reporter 

The freshman retreat was held at the Grizzly Creek Resort near Beckworth last week.

There were a lot of fun activities such as a ropes course, hiking and a bonfire.

The freshman came back very tired on Wednesday because they had had two days packed with activities that were full of mentally challenging and physically challenging obstacles.

Many of the freshman said that the retreat was a lot of fun. Most of their favorite parts were the ropes course activities.

Caleb Bradley said that his favorite part was the flying squirrel. He also said that this trip helped him gain better leadership skills. He thinks that because of this trip, his class will not fight as much and will work together better. He thinks that the school should continue on with this trip because it gets the freshman out of school.

Madeline Williams said she learned how to climb ropes and become a better leader. Her favorite part of the retreat was the alpine tower. She said that the skills she learned at the retreat will help work better with people.

Williams said she thinks that the trip brought her class more closely together. She also thinks that she school should continue with this trip because it will help bond the class.

The trip was funded by the TRiO and Education Talent search programs at Feather River College in Quincy.  These programs have been providing funding for events that will build leadership skills and confidence.

Freshman climb the 80 foot Alpine Tower

Freshman climb the 80 foot Alpine Tower


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